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Job Details

PT Sales Associate-230 - (2018.230)

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Job Title
PT Sales Associate-230
Weis Store #230 - Hillsborough, NJ 8844 US (Primary)
Career Level
Entry Level
High School or Equivalent
Food Services/Hospitality
Shift Type
Job Type
Job Description

Job Description

Weis Markets provides many career opportunities at all levels.  We are known for internal promotions and career pathing from all positions.  The sales associate is the foundation of those positions within the store.  We look to train our associates in a variety of areas, and then to specialize in others with appropriate company provided training.  For example, a new hire can specialize as a cashier, a grocery associate, a deli associate or any other position of need in the store.  The specific area of need and your interest will be discussed during the interview process with the store.


Basic Job Expectations:


1. Ensures that merchandise is in stock, fresh, in saleable condition and properly priced with the correct signage. Handles spoiled and damaged product or product that is close to expiration according to company policy. Removes product that should not be sold.

2. May assist in the production of deli, meat, bakery and other fresh departments.  Complies with company and legal regulations regarding food and human safety.

3. Follows cleaning and sanitation guidelines to ensure that work areas, equipment, display cases, etc. are well maintained, clean and that health and OSHA requirements are met.

4. Will help to properly stock merchandise and fill shelves.  Helps minimize losses by reporting problems or damages to merchandise. Ensures proper use and care of equipment.

Job Requirements


Regularly required to do the following activities:

  • Walk about.
  • Stoop, kneel, crouch, and/or crawl.
  • Stand dynamically for long periods without a break.
  • Stand statically for long periods without a break.
  • Maintain balance while walking, standing, crouching, or running.
  • Twist upper torso.
  • Reach up and out with hands and arms.
  • Lift up to (20) pounds and carry a distance of twenty (20) feet (may vary by department)
  • Push and/or pull up to twenty (20) pounds a distance of twenty (20) feet. (may vary by department)
  • Talk and hear; verbally express ideas and impart information or instructions.
  • Use hands to finger, handle, and/or feel; the ability to pick, pinch with fingers, seize, hold, grasp or turn with hands, and perceive attributes of objects and materials, such as size, shape, temperature, or texture, by touching with fingertips.
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